Funlab B2B Campaign




Creative Direction, Art Direction and Design


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Funlab is the premier creator of engaging social experiences in Australasia, featuring eight distinctive brands: Archie Brothers, B. Lucky & Sons, Holey Moley, Juke’s Karaoke, La Di Darts, Red Herring Escape Rooms, Strike Bowling, and Hijinx Hotel). With a presence across 40 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, Funlab is at the forefront of providing diverse and memorable entertainment.

Funlab faced the challenge of reshaping the perception that it exclusively catered to B2C audiences. In reality, its venues are versatile and can be tailored to suit B2B needs. These spaces offer businesses the opportunity to utilize Funlab for team-building activities, corporate events, new employee celebrations, and even intimate offsite meetings and gatherings.

Our challenge was to create a campaign to shift perception and boost Funlab’s B2B customer base.

B2B Campaign

Taking a twist on the familiar phrase ‘It’s business as usual,’ we turn it around completely. Through a striking juxtaposition of imagery, we transform mundane depictions of workers, tearing them to uncover the truth that ‘It’s never business as usual’ when selecting a Funlab venue. This creative metaphor serves as a playful representation of Funlab’s B2B offerings.

B2B Sub-brand

To distinguish the B2B offering, we introduced the sub-brand ‘Funlab Biz.’ The term ‘biz’ is a widely recognized Australian abbreviation for business, maintaining the lighthearted and playful essence of the parent brand. This sub-brand offers the sales team a clear and distinct platform to showcase their packages tailored for businesses.

Sales Collateral

While the campaign predominantly leveraged online and social platforms, we also devised a more playful and customised approach to sales collateral. This initiative empowered the sales team to personalize and hand-deliver materials to key decision-makers in diverse business organizations. To infuse an element of fun and engagement, we integrated augmented reality (AR) elements.