Tintelligence Branding




Creative Direction, Art Direction and Design


Merkle B2B | Dentsu


Tintelligence, a new business division of IDEX (NYSE listed company), offers an integrated system of cutting-edge tinting equipment and digital applications that enhances tinting businesses. This smart technology improves colour consistency, reduces downtime, and empowers data-driven decision-making. It also supports online ordering, enhances operation efficiency, and delivers improved performance and sustainability. All backed by a global network that ensures a reliable and consistent experience enterprise-wide.

Based on the strategic brand narrative ‘Propel Your Tinting Business’, I developed the brand identity and visual language for Tintelligence.

Brand Identity

I crafted the Tintelligence master identity, along with designing the five app icons that incorporate the visual tint bar elements from the master logo.

Marketing Collateral

I also developed the visual style of the marketing materials, including digital, social, and print assets, along with a comprehensive style guide.

Launch Campaign

To spearhead the launch campaign and depart from the conventional norms associated with paint tinting, I incorporated the theme of ‘propel’ into the art direction. Through the use of slow-motion photography capturing dancers in motion, the goal was to visually represent the color mixing process and convey the speed and innovation of the cutting-edge equipment in a distinctly captivating manner.