Timberyards Brand




Creative Concept, Art Direction and Design


The Property Agency


Timberyards is changing the way Sydney Works. A sensational collection of buildings and shared open green space that will redefine the inner city workplace, weaving artful, contemporary warehouse design into the urban fabric of Marrickville, Sydney. A place designed for tenants and locals to collaborate, work and play.

In order to promote the precinct and attract potential businesses/tenants to lease space, Danias (developer) required a brand to be developed that reflected the vibrant and artisian inspired business park.


The Timberyards brand transcends being merely a business park; it stands as a forward-thinking creative hub for the local artistic community, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and artisans. To encapsulate this essence, we coined the positioning ‘Marrickville Made,’ aligning with the core concept of creation:
  • Honoring the site’s timberyard history
  • Embracing the building’s materiality
  • Celebrating the creative output from our tenants

Guided by the eclectic architectural design, we drew inspiration from its diverse forms to craft an identity and graphic style that embodies authenticity, modernity, and an artistic touch.

‘Meet The Makers’ Campaign

To introduce Timberyards to prospective tenants, we launched the ‘Meet the Makers’ campaign. This initiative spotlighted local entrepreneurs, creatives, and artists, sharing their narratives of involvement and collaboration within the vibrant Marrickville community. These authentic stories embody the spirit of ‘Marrickville Made.’


Creative Collaboration: Costa Popolizio, Nick Little