The Terrace Brand and Awareness Campaign




Creative Concept, Art Direction, Design


Blaze Advertising (WPP)


Graphis Branding Awards: Silver


The Terrace is a premium outdoor venue space on the 15th floor of the One Farrer building, which is located in the heart of the Sydney CBD. The venue is designed for corporate events and social functions. Dexus (building manager) required a brand and campaign to help build awareness of the venue.


To promote The Terrace, I crafted a comprehensive brand toolkit encompassing messaging, photography, and identity elements.

We introduced the slogan ‘Up on The Terrace’ to emphasize the elevated setting. This versatile phrase can be customized for various event types, such as ‘Glam It Up on The Terrace’ (for formal events), ‘Move It Up on The Terrace’ (for corporate gatherings), ‘Live It Up on The Terrace’ (for social occasions), and ‘Mix It Up on The Terrace’ (for cocktail functions).

The key selling point of The Terrace is the up-market location and also being the largest outdoor venue of its kind in the Sydney CBD. To visually bring this to life, the art direction takes its cue from fashion photography, combined with the beautiful architectural surroundings to create a look that is aesthetically appealing.

Taking visual inspiration from the One Farrer logo (the identity of the building which The Terrace is located), the use of elegant double lines was utilised in the word ‘UP’ to create a tasteful look and portray it as a venue of distinction.


A stylish, flexible and elegant brand. The first digital campaign delivered 1,062,061 impressions and 3088 sessions on the landing page.


This project won Silver in the International Graphis Awards for branding and is featured in the Graphis Branding 7 publication.


Photographer: Juli Balla