PwC Canvas Career Jam Augmented Reality Activation and Brand




Concept, Art Direction, Design


Blaze Advertising (WPP)


AGDA Design Awards: Finalist


PwC, a prominent professional services firm, aimed to broaden the pool of applicants for their graduate and vacation program beyond traditional accounting students. They sought to attract STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) students and enhance their appeal to female candidates.

Our research revealed that when communicating with Millennials they preferred to be engaged with experiences rather than listening to passive dialogue. Therefore our approach was to create an interactive event that would place them in the centre of the experience.


Canvas Career Jam was conceived as a two-day immersive event, connecting students in Sydney and Melbourne with PwC. This experience not only introduced them to the company but also helped them discover how their passions and skills could align with PwC to kickstart their careers.

To enhance the event, we created the engaging PwC PATHFINDER app. This augmented reality experience allowed students to navigate a 4D city, unlocking stories of impact and gaining insights into where a career at PwC could lead. Whether it was improving healthcare, shaping smarter cities, or nurturing Australia’s startup industry, students could explore how PwC tackled meaningful challenges every day.


While having to adhere to strict global brand guidelines in terms of colour and font choice, we created the name and identity – a vibrant living brand that could flexibly transform into a variety of patterns representing diversity and opportunities at PwC. The multi-faceted graphic expression ensured relevance to both male and female audiences.


An impressive overall result in graduate applications was achieved with a 57.52% increase in Melbourne and 40.37% increase in Sydney. Likewise this trend was also present in vacationer applications with a massive 116.67% increase in Melbourne and 92.93% in Sydney.

Importantly, the goal of delivering highly sought-after STEMs and more female applicants was also accomplished in both graduate and vacationer applications in 2017. In Melbourne there was:
• 12.33% increase in STEM for graduate applications
• 53.51% increase in STEM for vacationer applications
• 66.78% increase in female graduate applications
• 133.12% increase in female vacationer applications.

In Sydney this upward trend also continued with:
• 27.20% increase in STEM for graduate applications
• 17.83% increase in STEM for vacationer applications
• 46.73% increase in female graduate applications
• 110.88% increase in female vacationer applications.


PwC Canvas Career Jam was a finalist in the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Design Awards for ‘Design Effectiveness’.