Fairtrade Fortnight Campaign (Australia and New Zealand)




Creative Concept, Art Direction, Design


Blaze Advertising (WPP)


Each year, Fairtrade launches a promotional campaign known as ‘Fairtrade Fortnight.’ The primary goal is to raise awareness about their product range and, more importantly, to demonstrate to consumers how their purchases can be a catalyst for positive societal change.

The campaign had to achieve the following objectives:

  • 24 bulk order leads in Australia and 47 in New Zealand
  • Drive 1,215 visits to the campaign’s microsite in Australia and 2,353 in New Zealand
  • Achieve 63 catalogue downloads in Australia and 92 in New Zealand.


To highlight the wide variety of Fairtrade products and inspire consumers to make fair choices, the ‘Remove the Shadow of Doubt’ campaign takes an unconventional and thought-provoking approach. It uses shadows in its visuals to bring attention to the hidden issues associated with unfair trade practices, including environmental damage, gender inequality, child labor, and inadequate wages for workers. The call to action, ‘Buy Fair and Remove the Shadow of Doubt,’ directly urges consumers to make a difference by opting for Fairtrade products.

Campaigns that focus on critical issues can sometimes overwhelm and disengage people. To counter this, the art direction employs a vibrant color palette and bold typography to create visually engaging and compelling content.

The campaign predominately ran through social channels like Instagram and Facebook, but with some point of sale items within supermarkets.


The campaign proved to be highly effective as it over delivered on the client’s objectives with:

  • 155 bulk order leads in Australia and 85 in New Zealand
  • 6,802 website visits in Australia and 3,395 in New Zealand
  • 571 catalogue downloads in Australia and 183 in New Zealand.


The Fairtrade ‘Remove the Shadow of Doubt’ Campaign won Silver in the International Graphis Design Awards. It is also featured in the Graphis Design Annual 2020 publication.


Creative: Costa Popolizio, Rory McLean
Copywriter: Angus Williams
Digital/Media Strategy: Chris Barrington