Accenture Multi-Speed IT Campaign




Creative Concept, Art Direction, Design


Blaze Advertising (WPP)


Accenture, a renowned global management consultancy firm, sought a creative campaign to enhance awareness and dispel the misconception that their technology division, Accenture Technology, focused solely on traditional Information Technology (IT) consulting. In reality, Accenture Technology leads in pioneering modern IT solutions, encompassing cloud, digital/mobile, agile, internet-of-things, artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation.

With a target audience of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and senior-level IT managers, Accenture aimed to position itself as the ideal partner capable of navigating the complexities of transformation, ensuring a seamless transition from Traditional to New IT—dubbed by Accenture as Multi-speed IT.


We crafted the tagline ‘Harness Chaos,’ reflecting Accenture Technology’s empathetic understanding of the challenges IT leaders encounter daily while digitally transforming their businesses. To visually convey this concept, we employed slow-motion imagery of pouring paint, symbolising the convergence of multiple IT streams (traditional and new) and Accenture’s seamless integration of these elements to craft innovative solutions for their clients.


The campaign generated brand awareness and achieved some impressive results:

  • 1,000,000+ impressions & 86,926 video views on Twitter
  • 282,000+ impressions & 35,288 video views on Facebook
  • 78,000+ impressions on LinkedIn


The Accenture Harness Chaos Campaign won Silver in the International Graphis Design Awards. It is also featured in the Graphis Design Annual 2020 publication.


Creative: Costa Popolizio, Rory McLean, Mark Hedge
Copywriter: Angus Williams