CIRQ Identity and Marketing Campaign


Places Victoria


Creative Concept and Design


Places Victoria (now known as Development Victoria) required an identity and brand to be designed for its new premium residential complex in Point Cook. The residential development comprised a total of 104 upmarket 2-3 bedroom townhouses.


The development was just steps away from the town centre, within a radius of 500m you would be close to everything. The word ‘CIRQ’ was created, which beautifully captured the 360-degree lifestyle.

The CIRQ symbol was inspired by the arc of the boulevard on which the development is placed, the 360-degree accessibility of the location, and features of the area, such as wooden boardwalks around the wetlands. The symbol not only looks like the letter ‘Q’ (in CIRQ), but symbolises a compass indicating how great the lifestyle is, all in close proximity of your doorstep.



On the launch of collection 1 (which comprised of the first 23 homes), twenty-two of the homes were sold on the first day, with the final townhouse selling the next day. Total sales were more than $11.5 million in just one weekend.

As more home collections have been released, the CIRQ townhouses continue to sell fast with 30% of the development sold in just 6 weeks.


Agency: Blaze Advertising
Creative Concept: Costa Popolizio
Creative Director: Patrick Rychner
Art Direction/Design: Costa Popolizio
Copywriter: Angus Williams
Web Designer: Brendan Moore