&Next Branding




Creative Direction, Positioning/Strategy, Art Direction, Design


&NEXT is a people centric consultancy for data-driven customer experiences and digital transformation. By integrating data analytics, customer strategy and the latest technological insights, &NEXT provides businesses with solutions that future proof their operation model and empower workforces to deliver engaging customer experiences. My task was to create an identity and brand.


The brand narrative ‘Unravel Tomorrow’ was developed to strategically align with &NEXT’s main purpose, which is helping organisations to unravel their data into meaningful customer experiences to future proof tomorrow.

To visually bring this to life, the idea of a thread was used as inspiration in the development of the identity – by unraveling complex data, possibilities will appear. The use of brushstrokes and hand drawn lines gives the brand a crafty feel, which expresses &NEXT’s hands-on pragmatic approach and being in the business of prototyping (every solution is bespoke and uniquely tailored to their clients needs). A vibrant palette of warm and cool colours was also chosen to make the brand look friendly and approachable.